Nova! Nova!: an evening of Christmas music
Saturday, December 9, 2017
7:30 pm
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

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Nova! Nova!Dulces Voces is excited to join forces with the Lincoln Early Music Consort to present:

Nova! Nova!: an evening of Christmas music
Saturday, December 9, 2017
7:30 pm
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Lincoln, Nebraska

Your generous donations make these concerts possible.  Thank you for making us part of your holiday tradition!

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Nova! Nova!, 15th Century Glasgow
Nova! Nova! Ave fit ex Eva! (News! News! Ave has been made from Eve!) Gabriel of high degree, He came down from the Trinity From Nazareth to Galilee, I met a maiden in a place; He kneeled down before her face; He said: “Hail, Mary, full of grace!” When the maid heard tell of this, She was sore abashed, ywis, And weened that she had done amiss. Then said the angel: “Dread not thou, For ye be conceived with great virtue Whose name shall be called Jesu.” Then said the angel: Verily, I am your servant truly, Ecce ancilla Domini (Behold the handmaiden of the Lord).
Dulces Voces & Lincoln Early Music Consort

Conditor alme siderum, . Guillaume Dufay (c. 1400-1474)
Creator of the stars of night, Thy people’s everlasting light, Jesu, Redeemer, save us all, and hear Thy servants when they call. Thou, grieving that the ancient curse should doom to death a universe, hast found the medicine, full of grace, to save and heal a ruined race. Thou camest, the Bridegroom of the bride, as drew the world to evening tide, proceeding from a virgin shrine, the spotless Victim all divine. At whose dread Name, majestic now, all knees must bend, all hearts must bow; and things celestial Thee shall own, and things terrestrial Lord alone. O Thou whose coming is with dread, to judge and doom the quick and dead, preserve us, while we dwell below, from every insult of the foe. To God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, Three in One, laud, honour, might, and glory be from age to age eternally. Amen.
Here is the Little Door, Herbert Howells (1892-1983)
Angelus ad pastores ait, Juan Blas de Castro (1561–1631)
The angel said to the shepherds: “I bring you tidings of great joy, for the Saviour of the world has been born to you today.” Alleluia. A tiny son is born to us today, and he shall be called Mighty God. Alleluia.
Dulces Voces

Suite, Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654)

Quaeramus cum pastoribus, Pedro de Cristo (d. 1618)
Lincoln Early Music Consort

Sleepers wake, Hymn #61
Verse 2: Dulces Voces
The angel Gabriel, Hymn #265
Verse 3: Dulces Voces
Dulces Voces, Lincoln Early Music Consort & Congregation

Ecce Virgo concipiet, William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel, God with us. Alleluia.
Ave Maria, Tomas Luis de Victoria (c.1548-1611)
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus [Christ]. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Dulces Voces


Pastime with good company, Henry VIII (1491-1547)
La, la, la, je ne l’ose dire, Pierre Certon (d. 1572)
Long cold night, John Playford (1623-1686?), arr. by Jean Henderson
Lincoln Early Music Consort

Lo, How a Rose, Hymn #81
Verse 2: Dulces Voces
Angels, from the realms of glory, Hymn #93
Verse 3: Dulces Voces
Dulces Voces, Lincoln Early Music Consort & Congregation

Gabriel angelus apparuit, Herman Mathias Werrecoren (fl. 1522-1550)
The [Arch]angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah, saying: A son shall be born to you, his name shall be called John: And many shall rejoice at his birth. For he will be great in the sight of the Lord. Wine and strong drink he will not use.
Puer natus est nobis, Cristobal de Morales (c. 1500-1553)
A boy is born to us, And a son is given to us, upon whose shoulders authority rests, and His name will be called “The Angel of Great Counsel”. Sing to the Lord a new song, because he has done the miraculous. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, and is now, and always will be, in every human generation. Amen.
Ubi caritas, Maurice Duruflé (1902 – 1986)
Where charity and love are, God is there. Christ’s love has gathered us into one. Let us rejoice and be pleased in Him. Let us fear, and let us love the living God. And may we love each other with a sincere heart. Where charity and love are, God is there. As we are gathered into one body, Beware, lest we be divided in mind. Let evil impulses stop, let controversy cease, And may Christ our God be in our midst. Where charity and love are, God is there. And may we with the saints also, see Thy face in glory, O Christ our God: The joy that is immense and good, Unto the ages through infinite ages. Amen.
O magnum mysterium, Ivo Antognini (1963)
O great mystery and wonderful sacrament, that animals should see the new-born Lord lying in a manger! O blessed is the Virgin, whose womb was worthy to bear Christ the Lord. Alleluia!
Dulces Voces

Ave maris stella, Anonymous (14th Century)
Mariam matrem virginum, Anonymous (14th Century)
Cantate Domino, Hans Leo Hassler (1548-1612)
Lincoln Early Music Consort

Noel, noel, noel, Antoine Busnois (c. 1430-1492)
Dulces Voces & Lincoln Early Music Consort

Dulces Voces

Colleen Baade
Curt Butler
Holly Heffelbower
Roger Hochstetler
Jackie Josten
John Mills
Jennifer Stevens
Laura Waldman

Lincoln Early Music Consort

Paul Burrow: recorder, krummhorn, sackbut, viol, percussion
Carole Goebes: recorder, krummhorn, shawm, viol
Jean Henderson: recorder, viol, percussion
Bob Haack: sackbut, percussion
Genevieve Randall: recorder, krummhorn, percussion

Icon of Gabriel: Anne Sheedy Gardner